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Hand made copper wire ring with intricate bead work in the form of a stylised Eye, an ancient symbol for protection.
Silver ring with a V profile, and with a square motif with the phrase 'Tawakalt ala Allah: I put my faith in the hands of God' written in Arabic calligraphy.

Silver is rhodium plated
Ring can be sized
Traditional floral motif arabesque ring in silver and gold plated.

Silver is gold plated with 3 microns
Motif 1.9x2.5cm
Ring can be sized
Silver ring with a double band and the word wellbeing, inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.
Silver is rhodium plated
Ring can be sized to fit
Ring made up of hairline thin copper wire composed in swirls.
Copper ring made from hairline copper wires made into swirls.
Copper wire ring with tumbled gemstones.

One size
Available in amethyst, rock crystal, garnet
Copper wires hand crochet in the form of a camelia flower.

Wire stretches to fit any ring size
This copper bead ring is made by our artisan, Kawthar, who started with us knowing nothing, and who now makes the most wonderful crochet work with inset beads.
Square silver ring inscribed in Arabic calligraphy and the phrase:
Good health and Good fortune always
نعمة وعافية دائمة
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver square is 2cm x 2cm
Silver ring with a square top with the following affirmation inscribed in Arabic calligraphy:
ولسوف يعطيك ربك فترضى
Be content with all that God gives you
Silver is rhodium plated
Square is 2x2cm
Silver square ring with the following saying inscribed in Arabic calligraphy:
I put my faith in the hands of God.
توكلت على الله

Silver is rhodium plated
Silver square is 2cm x 2cm
Ring can be sized
Palestine flag made out of glass beads linked with copper wire.
Silver and gold plated band ring with a hammered finish, typical of the Roman period, many of which are found at the Citadel Museum in Amman, Jordan.

Size can be altered to suit
Silver is gold plated 3 microns
Copper wire ring with three gemstones in a triangular layout.
Rings can be stacked.

Available in agate, garnet, rock crystals, amethyst
A Jordanian flag ring made with glass beads and with copper wire.

Please specify whether you would like it in small, medium, or large sizes
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