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Two layer cuff links with a silver floral arabesque motif above a plain silver gold plated layer.

Silver is rhodium plated
Silver is gold plated 3 microns.
Round silver cufflinks with the word Nimah, wellbeing, inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.

Sterling silver 925
Masha'Allah round cufflinks with cabochon stone in the middle.

Sterling silver
Octagonal cufflinks with an intricate arabesque floral pattern within.

Sterling silver
Silver and gold plated cufflinks with Arabic calligraphy, and the following phrase inscribed in Arabic calligraphy

Be beautiful and you will see the world as beautiful.

كن جميلاً ترى الوجود جميلاً

From a poem by Elia Abu Madi
Silver and gold pl
Silver and gold plated cufflinks with the saying Tawakalt ala Allah inscribed in Arabic calligraphy

توكلت على الله

I put my faith in the hands of God

CODE 0632
Silver gold plated with 3 microns

Square cufflinks are 2cm x 2cm
Silver cufflinks in a traditional arrangement know as The Magic Square, an amulet traditionally thought to bring an increase in rank and status.

Silver is rhodium plated
Motif size 1.5x1.5cm
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