It has been very satisfying to see the effect that our art jewellery has had on the working lives of the women at our workshop.

From a starting point of being shy and retired, the ladies have now become very self confident as they saw the outcome of the work that they are capable of, and became much empowered as the breadwinners in their families.

Their place in society has also changed, a fact that they have had to come to terms with.

It has been wonderful to see the impact this has had on their families and their children. Practically all the ladies have been able to purchase washing machines and refridgerators, a fact that has helped them tremendously.

Kawthar managed to put her daughter through nursing school.

Some of the ladies built extensions to their homes and to upgrade their living conditions. We have provided many of the ladies with PCs via our IQRA collection, and they have been purchasing CDs to teach their children different subjects, in lieu of private lessons.

The most marked difference has been the attitude the society has had on the working mothers, breaking the tabboo of work, as everyone saw the effect this has had on one and all.


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