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Asymmetric earrings with a unique combination of gemstones and gemstone flowers.

Sterling silver earring hooks
Black leather knotted tie necklace with gemstone and pearl flowers in a variety of colours.

Necklace length 1m
Long brown agate necklace with grey pearls in between and 3 mother of pearl circles.

Necklace length 90cm
Agate necklace with a rock crystal flower motif.

Necklace length 55cm
Agate gemstone lareat necklace with tiny grey pearls in between and tassels of rock quartz and smokey quartz.

Necklace length 90cm, tassels 7.5cm
Available in agates, and onyx for the body of the necklace
Please let us know your preferred choice for
Cord bracelet with a gemstone with a silver border and a traditional eye for protection made from turquoise glass.

Cord is available in black
Size is variable to fit all
Three rows of gemstone flowers with a central freshwater pearl make up this necklace, garnet, smokey quartz, rock crystal, peridot, turquoise, rose quartz and amethyst gemstones, with a silver closure.

Silver closure is rhodium plated
Orange agates with a tassel of gemstone flowers and turquoise.

Necklace length 45cm
French hook with a gemstone flower.

Silver is rhodium plated
Gemstones available are: garnets, pearls, turquoise
Gemstone necklace with three gemstone flower pendant.

Silver closure is rhodium plated
Necklace length 45cm
Agate stone for protection on a hand woven cord.

Cord available in black or brown
Agate tie necklace with bedouin bead tassels with fresh water pearl endings.

Necklace length 1.15m
Long gemstone tie necklace with a variety of stones to include aquamarines, amethysts, pearls, smokey quartz and turquoises.

Necklace length 115cm
Intricately beaded long agate tie necklace with tassels of bedouin beads with fresh water pearls linked with silver.

Necklace body length 90cm
Tassels 15cm each
Agate and gemstone tie necklace with citrine tassels.

Necklace length 110cm
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