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Earrings with delicate copper wire work to from three tiers of ribbed beads with gemstones within.

Silver earring hooks
Hand made copper wire bracelet with a beaded Evil Eye motif made from glass beads.
Hand made copper wire ring with intricate bead work in the form of a stylised Eye, an ancient symbol for protection.
Copper necklace with glass beads and gemstones, and motifs inspired by traditional Jordanian and Palestinian embroidery.

Necklace length 45cm
Two copper beads with a copper protecting eye and glass beads.

Earring hooks are sterling silver.
Single copper bead made from copper wire, with a stylised protecting eye made from copper wire and glass beads.

Earring hooks are sterling silver
Copper earrings with copper wire beads, and beaded motifs inspired by traditional Fallahi embroidery that our traditional costumes are famous for.

Sterling silver hooks
Earring length 8cm
Two tier copper bead earrings with a sterling silver hook.

Sterling silver earring hook
Medium copper beads made from copper wire, with a protecting eye with glass beads.

Necklace length 45cm
Three strands of copper tassels including wound copper beads, glass beads and gemstones.

Earring hook is sterling silver
Amethyst gemstones and glass beads connected with copper wire make up this long flower necklace with our signature turquoise gemstone bead for protection.

Gemstones linked with copper wire
Two row copper bead necklace. Beads are made from fine copper wires hand rolled into a bead, all linked together with copper wire.

Necklace length 65cm
Copper beads made from thin copper wire, and linked with copper wire.

Necklace length 60cm
Three row copper bead necklace with a back closure.
Copper beads are made from copper wire, and linked with copper wire.

Length of longest tier is 55cm
Ring made up of hairline thin copper wire composed in swirls.
Copper ring made from hairline copper wires made into swirls.
Glass bead flower composed with copper wire, and a bead of copper wire beneath.

Earring hook is sterling silver
Made by our most skilled artisans, these triple flower earrings are intricately made with copper wire and glass beads and are available in many colours.

Earring hook is sterling silver
Copper wire ring with tumbled gemstones.

One size
Available in amethyst, rock crystal, garnet
Copper wires hand crochet in the form of a camelia flower.

Wire stretches to fit any ring size
Fine copper wires handworked with crochet needles into a leaf shape.

Hand made from copper wire
Earring hooks are silver rhodium plated
Hand of Fatima motif made from glass beads and copper wire, on a hand woven cord bracelet.
This copper bead ring is made by our artisan, Kawthar, who started with us knowing nothing, and who now makes the most wonderful crochet work with inset beads.
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