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Long necklace with onyx cylindrical beads, and sporadically distributed tiger eyes, pearls and yousor beads. A motif with Arabic calligraphy saying is strung within.

ولا غالب إلاالله - Only God is Victorious- La Ghaliba illa Allah

Necklace length 90
Button pearl necklace with a floral arabesque pendant and a unique combination of gemstones, to include amethyst, smokey quartz, garnet.

Necklace length 48cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Thick silver chain necklace with a large silver arabesque crescent with intricate detailing, and tiny fresh water pearl dangles.

Necklace length 45cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Chain necklace with large baroque pearls and a central hexagon pendant.

Silver is rhodium plated
Necklace length 50cm
Gemstone necklace with a medium disc motif,
Currently available in Indian amethysts.

الا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب
The heart finds peace with the remembrance of God

Silver is rhodium plated
Necklace length 45cm
Grey freshwater pearls with a central almond shaped silver gold plated pendant and the word Good Health inscribed in Arabic calligraphy on one side, and Always on the other with a pearl drop.
Good Health Always
عافية دائمة
Necklace length 45cm
Long agate bead necklace with grey pearls in between and Masha'Allah inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.

Necklace length 45cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Large crescent shaped silver earrings with intricate arabesque detail.

Silver is rhodium plated
Earring with post and butterfly
Replica of Byzantine earrings excavated at the oval piazza in the Roman city of Jerash, made in 18k gold, with rosequartz, peridot and fresh water pearls.
The original is currently is on display at the Citadel Museum in Amman.

18k gold
Matt brushed
Long gemstone necklace with turquoises, pearls, amethysts and black agates with a central geometric motif.

Necklace length 90cm
Silver is rhodium plated

Jewellery that only happens once....hand made with special gemstones put together in a unique combination.

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