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Fresh water pearl necklace with a Byzantine pendant motif, inspired by an artefact at the Citadel Museum in Amman, Jordan, dating back to the 8th century AD.

Silver is gold plated with 3 microns
Pearls linked with silver gold plated wire
Necklace le
S curve earring hooks in silver with words from our Salam collection and gemstone drops.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours of gemstones
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver is gold plate 3 microns
Agate gemstone necklace with a central motif with Arabic calligraphy and hand cut smokey quartz gemstones on either side.
Good health and Good Fortune Always
نعمة وعافية دائمة
Silver is rhodium plated
Necklace length 45cm
Turning copper wire into art: with intricate detailing, and inclusion of glass beads to create this collar necklace.

Necklace length 45cm
Tie necklace of a gates of various colours with glass bead bedouin tassels ending with copper wire beads and glass bead dangles.

Necklace length 110cm
Dead Sea pebble covered with copper wire with a tassel of gemstones.

Sterling silver earring hooks
Tumbled stone tie necklace with tassels and a word from our salam collection.

Necklace length 90cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Individual glass beads in each crochet stitch make this scarf necklace, ending with tassels of precious gemstones and glass beads. Worn long, or doubled up to be a short necklace.

Necklace length 90cm
Glass beads made into swirl earrings, attached with copper wire, and made in a combination of colours.
Long tie necklace in garnets with a crystal and turquoise gemstone tassel and words in Arabic calligraphy saying 'May God's watchful eye protect you'
عين ربك ترعاك

Necklace length 90cm
Silver words are rhodium plated
Gemstones are combined by the ar
Small earrings made from fine copper wires wound around in a swirl.

Silver earring hook is rhodium plated
Hand of Fatima earrings made out of fine copper wire and glass beads.

Earring hooks are silver rhodium plated
Two-row necklace with a variety of gemstones and dangling charms for protection.

Necklace length 45cm
Agate and gemstone tie necklace with citrine tassels.

Necklace length 110cm
Long shower earrings with motifs inspired by traditional Jordanian and Palestinian embroidery.

Earring length 10cm
Copper wire and glass beads

It is a pleasure to source gemstones, especially ones that are not regular and not regularly cut. For this collection, we use these in our designs to make each one unique.

Combinations of gemstones are also unique and how different the pieces look when the gemstones are changed.


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