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Palestine flag made out of glass beads linked with copper wire.

CODE 0619
Large round copper earrings made from fine copper wire wound in swirls.

Silver hook is rhodium plated
Large geometric pattern silver earrings, with French hooks in silver gold plated.

Silver is rhodium plated
French hooks are gold plated 3 microns
Diameter 4cm
Gemstones hand crocheted onto copper wire to create this cuff bracelet.
Our artisans in the Mugablein workshop demonstrate dexterity in their workmanship producing this bracelet.
Bracelet length 19cm
White freshwater pearls with tiny garnet gemstone in between make up this tie necklace with a tassel of two different gemstones.

CODE 0520
Necklace length 90cm of pearls, and 7.5cm of gemstone tassels on each side.
Garnet necklace with a central pendant with Allah written in Arabic calligraphy.

Necklace length 45cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Grey pearl rope necklace with tumbled gemstone tassels.

Tassels available in garnet, rock crystal, smokey quartz
Necklace length 105cm
Silver wire bracelet with a Salam word pendant.


Silver is rhodium plated
Bracelet length 19cm
Silver and gold plated band ring with a hammered finish, typical of the Roman period, many of which are found at the Citadel Museum in Amman, Jordan.

Size can be altered to suit
Silver is gold plated 3 microns
Silver gold plated hoop earrings with intricate gold bead work.

Earrings length 3.5 cm
Silver is dipped in 3 microns of gold
Gemstones linked with silver wire make up this necklace, with a silver pendant with Allah in Arabic.
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver hoop earrings, with a single freshwater pearl drop.

Silver is rhodium plated
Copper wire ring with three gemstones in a triangular layout.
Rings can be stacked.

Available in agate, garnet, rock crystals, amethyst
Garnet gemstones surrounding a single freshwater pearl in the form of a flower earring.
Stones connected with silver wire.

Sterling silver earring hook
Silver cufflinks in a traditional arrangement know as The Magic Square, an amulet traditionally thought to bring an increase in rank and status.

Silver is rhodium plated
Motif size 1.5x1.5cm
Necklace with gemstones linked with silver wire, and our Magic Square pendant.

Silver is rhodium plated
Necklace length 45cm
Motif size 1.5x1.5cm
A Jordanian flag ring made with glass beads and with copper wire.

Please specify whether you would like it in small, medium, or large sizes
Glass bead flower earrings with sterling silver earring hooks.
CODE 0073
Small copper bead earring with small Dead Sea pebble wrapped with copper wire.

Earring hook is sterling silver
Plain copper cuff bracelet hand made by crochet of copper wires.

Bracelet length 19cm
Flower necklace with gemstone petals and bead hearts.

Necklace length 45cm
Flowers linked with copper wires

Classics in our collection, favourite 'must haves' for our clients over the years.


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