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Single oval and double intertwined oval earrings with words inscribed in Arabic calligraphy: Good health and Friendship.

Silver is rhodium plated
Silver is gold plated 3 microns
Small gemstones lined up asymmetrically with words inscribed in Arabic calligraphy in silver gold plated: Good health and Friendship

Silver earring hooks
Silver is gold plated 3 microns
Chunky gemstone bracelet with cylindrical corals, grey pearls, pearls, calcite and black coral yousor bead, and a pendant with the word 'friendship' inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.
Bracelet length 18.5cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Agate beads beaded with a variety of gemstones and bedouin beads with a closure and a word from our Salam collection, in silver.
Happiness, Love, Friendship, Good health
السعادة المحبة الؤام الصحة

Bracelet length 18cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Earrings with gold plated S curve hooks and a salam word in silver.

Silver is gold plated 3 microns
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver earrings with the words Good Health and Friendship inscribed in Arabic calligraphy, and a freshwater pearl above.

الصحة - الوئام

Earring hooks are in sterling silver
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver salam earrings with pearl or gemstone above and silver French hook.

Silver is rhodium plated
S curve earring hooks in silver with words from our Salam collection and gemstone drops.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours of gemstones
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver is gold plate 3 microns
Two tone silver earrings with Arabic calligraphy, a pearl above, and French hooks in silver gold plated.
Good health

Silver is rhodium plated
Tumbled stone tie necklace with tassels and a word from our salam collection.

Necklace length 90cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Our classic earring with a gemstone and our salam words in silver gold plated.
المحبه السعاده
Love, Happiness

Silver is gold plated with 3 microns
Silver hook is rhodium plated
Long shower earrings with one Salam word, and a selection of gemstones.
Earrings are asymmetrical, and have a French hook.

Silver is rhodium plated.
A unique variety of earrings in two tones of silver, rhodium as well as gold plated, with asymmetric yet matching sides to each pair.

Please specify which pair you request
All pairs published are available


Celebrating the art of Arabic calligraphy, with calligraphic works especially created for us by our experienced calligrapher with words of peace and phrases of affirmation.    

The words within the SALAM COLLECTION represent the value systems that humankind share that should be worn, and remembered.

It is our aim to unite, and to spread the words of Peace, Salam, throughout the world.

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