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Tie necklace with various colours of agate stones, intricately beaded, with tassels of bedouin beads ending with copper beads made from copper wire.

Necklace length 90cm
Tassels 15cm long
Tie necklace of a gates of various colours with glass bead bedouin tassels ending with copper wire beads and glass bead dangles.

Necklace length 110cm
Agate tie necklace with bedouin bead tassels with fresh water pearl endings.

Necklace length 1.15m
Copper wire ring with three gemstones in a triangular layout.
Rings can be stacked.

Available in agate, garnet, rock crystals, amethyst
Two-row necklace with a variety of gemstones and dangling charms for protection.

Necklace length 45cm
Intricately beaded long agate tie necklace with tassels of bedouin beads with fresh water pearls linked with silver.

Necklace body length 90cm
Tassels 15cm each
Double strand with a variety of agate beads, garnets and Bedouin beads, with tassels ending in fresh water pearls.

Necklace length 1m
Agate and gemstone tie necklace with citrine tassels.

Necklace length 110cm

Different shades of the agate stone, which when worn, ward off the Evil Eye and protect the wearer. Tradition has it that it should be worn for protection during travel.

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