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Large clover shaped earrings with an intricate arabesque pattern within.

Silver is rhodium plated.
Diameter 2cm
Silver hoop earrings with the phrase 'God is Benevolent and Protecting' written in Arabic in three separate dangles, with a separate word on each one.
فالله خير حافظا

Silver is rhodium plated
Earring height 4cm
Our own stylised Hand of Fatima motif in silver, in a bracelet and with braided black cord.

Silver is rhodium plated.
Hoop earrings with intricate gold bead work and a freshwater pearl drop.

Silver is gold plated with 3 microns
Earring length 2.5 cm 
Silver gold plated Roman earrings, with freshwater pearl drops, and a French hook.

Silver is dipped in 3 microns of gold
Motif height 2.8cm
Silver hoop earrings with an abstracted geometric pattern profile with a gemstone drop underneath.

Silver is rhodium plated
Geometric pendant length is 2.5 cm
Arabesque earrings in a near oval shape, with an intricate pattern within, and a freshwater pearl drop.
A hook is attached to the motif.

Silver is gold plated with 3 microns
Braided leather necklace with a central hexagonal motif with intricate geometric and arabesque patterns.

Necklace is 45cm long
Silver is rhodium plated
Large round silver geometric earrings, with a silver and gold plated French clasp.
Geometry is a common element in Islamic art and architecture.

Silver is rhodium plated.
Silver hooks are gold plated with 3 microns
Geometric earring diameter is 3cm
Silver band ring with a hammered finish, typical of the Roman period, many of which are found at the Citadel Museum in Amman, Jordan.
Size can be altered to suit
Sterling silver
Two tone earrings, with long silver hoops with the words Happiness and Love inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.
المحبة - السعادة

Silver is rhodium plated.
Earring length is 5.5 cm.
Silver word is gold plated with 3 microns
Round silver and gold plated earrings, with a central garnet cabochon gemstone, and the word Masha'Allah inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.
ما شاءالله
Masha'Allah is said for good intentions and for protection.

Silver is gold plated with 3 microns.
Square silver cufflinks, with the word 'Peace' inscribed in Nabataean calligraphy.
Sterling silver 925
Size 1.5x1.5cm
Necklace with amethyst gemstones linked together with silver wire and Masha'Allah inscribed in Arabic calligraphy on our signature silver disc.

Silver disc is rhodium plated
Necklace length 70 cm
Silver and gold plated octagon shaped earrings with an intricate floral arabesque within and a large onyx gemstone bead drop.

CODE 2896

The earring hooks are fixed onto the main octagon.
Silver is gold plated with 3 microns.
Long hoop silver earrings with large pearl bead drop.

Silver is rhodium plated
Earring length is 5.5cm
Bracelet with aHand of Fatima motif with silver chain, and a freshwater button pearl.

Silver is rhodium plated
Bracelet length 19cm
Silver ring with a double band and the word wellbeing, inscribed in Arabic calligraphy.


CODE 2679

Silver is rhodium plated
Ring can be sized to fit
Silver square cufflinks inscribed in Arabic calligraphy with the words Good health and good fortune always.

نعمة و عافية دائمة

CODE 2677

Cufflinks size 2cm x 2cm
Silver is rhodium plated
Silver hoop earrings with a geometric profile.

Silver is rhodium plated
Hand of Fatima cufflinks : this age old symbol for protection is traditional and very popular.

Sterling silver 925
From our Andalucian collection: silver clip-on earrings with the words Glory and Wisdom written in Arabic. عز ورشد
These words were commonly used in on metalwork and textiles in Umayyad Spain.
Silver is rhodium plated
Earring size 2cm x 2.5cm
Round silver earrings with the word Good health inscribed in Arabic calligraphy, with a silver and gold plated hook above.
Silver words are rhodium plated
Earring hooks are silver and plated with 3 microns of gold.
Geometrical forms within an oval shaped earring, with silver hook.

Silver is rhodium plated

Classics in our collection, favourite 'must haves' for our clients over the years.

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