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Cord bracelet with a central button freshwater pearl and a symbolic eye for protection.

Silver is rhodium plated
Eye is made from glass with a silver rim
Our versions of the Protecting Eye, made from copper and glass beads, with a cord band.
Choose the colour of beads of your preference, and mix and match with other bracelets for a fun look!

CODE 1404
Bracelet length 19cm
Two-row necklace with gemstones predominantly agate and a series of dangling charms, to include the protecting eye, the yousor bead to make life easier and some turquoise beads for protection. The agate stone is traditionally worn to ward off negativity a
A lariat of glass beads connected with copper wire, and with a symbolic Eye at one of the ends.

You can order this necklace with any colour of you choice.

CODE 0036

Necklace length 90cm


The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, by someone who is envious or jealous.

Many cultures from time immemorial believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury.

For protection, there have been many varieties of amulets and talismans to protect against the evil eye, are also referred to as 'protecting' or "evil eyes".

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