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Necklace with tiny agate beads and Allah motif in silver. Also available in grey pearls.

Silver is rhodium plated
Necklace length 45cm
Motif height 2cm
Four agate stones on a black cord bracelet. Agate is traditionally an amulet for good fortune and protection.

CODE 0732
Agate stones wrapped with copper mesh make up these earrings, with a sterling silver hook.

These stones are believed to ward off negativity, bring protection to the wearer, and are good to wear during travel.

CODE 0201

Sterling silver earring hoo
Woven copper ring with three agate gemstones.

CODE 0172
Large agate stone earring with triple tiger eye stones underneath. Agate is traditionally worn for protection.

Silver is rhodium plated

Different shades of the agate stone, which when worn, ward off the Evil Eye and protect the wearer. Tradition has it that it should be worn for protection during travel.

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